Youth CASL Teams (3-12)

Williamston Soccer Youth CASL Teams participate in the Capital Area Soccer League (CASL).  The full program is available for our 3rd through 8th grade players to play in both the Fall and Spring seasons. We also place teams in CASL for 9th grade and up while the high school programs are not in season.

All games are played in the greater Lansing and Jackson area. We utilize a player placement system that will ensure your child is in the correct environment in order to maximize their experience.  Teams for the current school year are formed in the summer preceding.

If you have any questions, please send an email to

Registration Information

Registration Fees

Registration fees are used to pay CASL registration fees, referee fees, and field maintenance. These fees will be collected during the online registration process.

3rd-8th Grade: $210

  • includes Fall 2020 / Spring 2021 team registration fees
  • $35 deposit due during registration, balance due before beginning of play in the fall
  • Does not include cost of uniform – game jersey, shorts, socks, training tee / alternate game jersey. Approx $80 total.

This season, all players are being asked to purchase the training tee as a mandatory part of the uniform. It will be a lighter color and be usable as an alternate game jersey to avoid conflicting colors with other CASL teams. Order takes place during the summer, with another order available before the spring season.

9th Grade+ U-19 team: $85

  • includes Fall 2020 team registration fees
  • $35 deposit due during registration, remainder due before beginning of play in the fall

Information for New Players

If your player has been playing in our youth academy and is now moving up to 3rd grade, or perhaps are just new to soccer in Williamston, you might be wondering what the differences are playing with our community teams in competitive soccer.


Let’s start with the cost. At Williamston Soccer, we strive to keep our fees as low as they possibly can be. The registration fees cover 16 games, 8 each in both the fall and spring seasons. These fees are necessary to pay registration fees per player to the league (CASL), referee fees for each game, field maintenance (paint, mowing, etc.), minimal amounts of equipment per team (balls, cones, practice jerseys, etc.). Traditionally we’e been able to keep fees consistent from year to year, raising it only 3% this year to cover the our online registration software that helps us keep things running smoothly. 


The uniform is a separate fee. This is a cost saving measure. We do not require players to purchase all new equipment each year, which means if your jersey from last year still fits, then players are able to reuse them again the following year.  For new players to the program, the costs do add up – prices are approximate, but a jersey with a number is around $35, shorts are $20, socks are $10 (and you probably want two pairs!).  For Fall 2020 we are requiring a training shirt also be purchased for $15.  This shirt helps coaches organize their training sessions, but it also will double as an alternate jersey.  

Time / Travel Commitments 

Beyond costs, we also see questions about time and distance. This can vary. The amount of time per week will be different for each coach, but usually two training sessions a week in the 60-80 minute range is normal, on the shorter side for younger players and longer for older players.  Games are typically on the weekend, last about an hour to an hour and a half, again depending on age.  Travel is often close to the Lansing area – Okemos, Haslett, Lansing, DeWitt, Mason, Fowlerville are normal. Grand Ledge can be a bit of a hike since we’re coming from the other side of town. However, sometimes our teams are in divisions with teams from Ovid-Elsie, Eaton Rapids, Manchester, Jackson, and other communities that are considered mid-Michigan but further away.  If the distance between communities is ever further than a 45 minute drive, then CASL allows our coaches to try to find a neutral field so that neither team has to travel that far. 

 There are other soccer options in the area, including club soccer, which can easily eclipse our community programs by hundreds, sometimes thousands of dollars.  Our goal is to keep an option open for a competitive, fun, and developmental game without barriers or burdens.  If you are interested, we do have financial aid available.

If you have any other questions, as always, please email and we’ll be there to help.