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Intraclub Scrimmages Fall 2020


last update 10/21 10:13am

Saturday Oct 17Saturday Oct 24Saturday Oct 31
9:30 am4th boys vs 5th boys
4th girls vs 5th girls
11:00 am4th girls vs 5th girls

6th boys vs 7/8th boys
3rd boys (Iannarelli) vs 3rd girls (Donahue)

6th boys vs 6th girls
4th boys vs 5th boys

6th boys vs 7/8th boys
12:30 pm3rd boys (Iannarelli) vs 3rd boys (Lott)

6th girls vs 7/8th girls
3rd boys (Lott) vs 3rd girls (Neville)

7/8th boys vs 7/8th girls
3rd boys (Iannarelli) vs 3rd girls (Neville)

6th girls vs 7/8th girls
2:00 pm3rd girls (Donahue) vs 3rd girls (Neville)5th boys vs 5th girls3rd boys (Lott) vs 3rd girls (Donahue)
3:30 pm 4th boys vs 4th girls

Scrimmage Information

All games take place at Williamstown Township Community Park soccer fields, off of Grand River, a few miles west of Zimmer road.

6/7/8 play on the largest field (11 v 11). All others will be on the smaller 9v9 fields. (Note – 3rd grade typically plays 7v7. Adjustments to the field size may be necessary.)

Schedule or team adjustments may be necessary based on number of players available per team and to ensure competitive balance.

Players should wear their Williamston Soccer jersey if they have one that fits, otherwise wear a dark green t-shirt or something similarly dark without bright logos or lettering.

All participants (players and coaches) must wear face masks at all times upon arrival at the fields.

Any number of spectators are welcome to attend. Spectators must wear face masks at all times upon arrival at the fields and maintain distance from those not in the same household.

PAVE THE WAY – The Williamston Soccer Dream Project

The Williamston Soccer Boosters is excited to launch the 2019-2020 Soccer Dream Project. In the 25+ years of Williamston Soccer, coaches, families and alumni have worked tirelessly to develop our complex into one of the premier High School complexes in the State. Today we have a new vision with new needs for our Soccer Complex. Click here for more details.

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